Speaker - Steve Wischmann 9/18/14


Steve Wischmann of Horizon Performance Solutions gave a great presentation on Thursday discussing the benefits of working with a leadership and organizational development consulting company. 

Horizon Performance Solutions will help you achieve success – as an individual, group, or
organization. Through our services you will receive personal attention, tailored support,focused engagement, and thoughtful assistance to optimize your leadership and organizational performance. Your success is our success.Horizon Performance Solutions is ideally suited for corporate teams, small businesses, government agencies, public service organizations,and individuals. We will provide leadership training, organizational design assistance, team facilitation, and performance support to aid you in realizing your success. We will assist you in your pursuit of extraordinary performance. Our Be Successful Today program will focus your energy on your immediate performance and impact. It will help you better recognize the importance of today. It will prepare you to bring your best self to the tasks at hand and make you more effective now so that your tomorrows are better realized. It will help make you successful today.


How we can help.

Needs Assessment - Identifying how we can assist you achieve success

Leadership Development - Enhancing the quality of leadership at all levels

Organizational Development - Examining organizational design and assisting with strategic                                                           development

Team Facilitation - Increasing productivity within work groups

Executive Coaching - Ensuring that desired objectives are being met

Be Successful Today - Focusing on the first things first – today

Horizon Performance Solutions is committed to supporting your pursuit of excellence – as an individual and for your organization. The core of your success is leadership – today,
tomorrow, and always. Through leadership development and attention to organizational design and alignment every team, business, or agency can increase its capacity.

We’re here to help.