Speaker - Lori Carden 04/03/14


I purchased my internet franchise almost 6 years ago with Shop.com powered by 

Market America to create an additional stream of income. Since I own it, I named it

www.shoploricarden.com. It is an on-line product brokerage company that specializes in social shopping. Little did I know when I started this business on a very part-time basis while I worked 


a full time job how much I would need it a few years later. I am thankful that I had started this 

before I actually needed it. Eventually I became a victim of the economy, losing my job a few 

years ago. 

The things that made a lot of sense to me when looking into partnering with Shop.com 

powered by Market America was a solid business that has been around for 22 years, the 

company has grown every single quarter since its inception in 1992. The other factor was a 

vertical marketing plan that has been patented and copy written meaning no one can do what 

we do. We are not a multi-level company we are an on-line franchise that you can purchase 

if you want to find a way to own a piece of the internet. We all know that the internet is only 

going to get bigger in the future. Have you positioned yourself to own a piece of it? 

We are partnered with Microsoft, Google and our latest addition Adobe so stay tuned for an 

even more unique shopping experience. When you shop on www.shoploricarden.com you get 

to earn cashback on qualified purchases so when you do shop on-line, you will never pay retail 

again. Additionally if you refer someone to shop at www.shoploricarden.com you also get to 

earn an additional ½ percent on all qualified purchases made by your friends and family. At 

www.shoploricarden.com you are shopping at stores you shop at anyway for example Wal-
Mart, Target, Macy’s, Home Depot, JcPenney’s, Tractor Supply, I could go on and on we are

partnered with over 3,500 stores where you are shopping at every day. On-line shopping is

only one division of the entire brokerage company. We deal in multi-billion dollar markets, 

health and wellness, cosmetics, skin care, and weight loss among many others. The great thing

is that we do not manufacture anything so when a new trend comes out or new science comes 

out we have the manufacturers create new products or update them with the latest science. 

Shop.com powered by Market America also does not pay for any advertising we rely on word of 

mouth advertising and social media to get the word out about our products and services. This 

allows franchise owners like myself to earn more money, this company pays out over 50 cents 

on every dollar earned as retail profit and commissions. Amazing huh? If you would like to 

walk through how to use www.shoploricarden.com site or if you would like information about 

how to own your own franchise, please contact me at (716) 864-3377.