Speaker- Darrin Harzewski 3/6/14


Solar Photovoltaic is the process in which sunlight is converted into electricity.  There are many misconceptions about the effectiveness of solar energy in Western New York.  First people often do not feel we get enough sun; our area is great for solar in fact we get on average 500 more solar hours annually than Germany, the largest solar producing nation in the world.  Secondly people often feel the investment is too large; due to global competition and streamlined manufacturing processes driving equipment costs down then paired with state and federal incentives making solar energy more affordable than ever.  Lastly we hear that the technology is too new and unproven;  solar photovoltaics have been used in their practical application since the 1950’s and the technology has reached a maturity stage. 

Solar energy is clean, abundant, readily available, proven, financially beneficial and easily integrated into our current infrastructure.  It ties into your home or business through the main service panel.  When energy is created it first goes to satisfy the buildings needs with excess energy going back to the grid and stored in the form of energy credits.  This process is called net metering and is coordinated with the utility company by having them install a bidirectional meter that allows and calculates incoming and outgoing energy. 


CIR has been around for over 3 decades and has a diverse electrical portfolio with a solar division specifically focused on photovoltaic implementation.  We have an A+ BBB rating and have numerous client references.  We offer complete turnkey solar solutions by making the process very simple.  There are several economic advantages to having solar installed.  Solar has a quick return on investment, most seeing a return between 4 and 6 years.   Solar increases the value of your home and can eliminate electrical costs from the utility company.  Sometimes an understated benefit is the hedging against inflation, solar protects people from rising utility costs by making them energy independent.  There are installation applications for just about every customer scenario whether it be roof mounted, ground mounted, or building integrated.   Panels are about 96% recyclable and manufacturers take part in an international solar recycling program.  All in all, solar is a solid investment with great economic and environmental benefits that make it smart decision to take advantage of.  CIR handles every aspect from design, installation and complete system monitoring guaranteeing a system to perform for the next 25+ years.