Pace Landscaping: “Deer Defeat”, Deer, Rabbit and Groundhog repellent.


“Deer Defeat”, Deer, Rabbit and Groundhog repellent.

When designing landscapes we always have the mindset to select plants that in most instances are not known to be favorite of browsing animals but we all know they will feed on any plant if necessary. Furthermore there are simply way too many popular and beautiful plants that we should not have to avoid using and enjoying in our landscapes.

After trying different methods and products for deer control we came to the conclusion that in order for our plants to survive browsing animals it would need to be reliable, long lasting and effective.

Used routinely we found that Deer Defeat is that product.

In addition Deer Defeat offers advantages over other products on the market a few of these being:

-          No need to reapply after rain

-          Repels by odor and taste

-          Will not clog your sprayer

-          Dries odorless

-          Winter Applications

-          All natural Ingredients

-          Nourishing to plants

-          Safe for humans and animals

-          No deer fences needed

-          Convenient and easy to use

-          No need to rotate products

-     Available in 16oz. or 1gallon concentrate and 32oz or 1 gal.  Ready to Use formulations

-          Deer Defeat is made in New York

If you have tried other products without much success, give Deer Defeat a try, enjoy your landscape and gardens and you too will discover that it cannot be beat!

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