Speaker - Nancy Cox 1/8/15

Working in the public accounting field for over 12 years, I recently realized what keeps me interested in what I do. Aside from the variety of clients I am able to work with on a day to day basis, the knowledgeable individuals I am able to learn from every day and the continuous learning opportunities I am provided, for me, it is all about the people. At Bonadio, we focus on four cornerstones as part of our strategic plan. The people part of that plan connects everything together – from clients to co-workers, as well as my own work/life balance. I’m not discounting the importance of the technical side of my job, obviously that is just as important, I just wanted to focus on the other part of what I do.


First a little about the Bonadio Group. Tom Bonadio started our firm 35 years ago, around his kitchen table with one partner and his mother as the firm’s administrative support.  Since then, we have grown to approximately 500 professionals in several offices throughout New York State.  We are CPA’s, Consultants & More. The “& More” part comes in because we strive to, not only deliver a quality product for traditional accounting and tax services, but also to be a value added business partner capable of helping with everything from set up of the business to succession planning and everything in between. As discussed above, we have grown substantially through strategic mergers and acquisitions, as well as organic growth throughout the years. However, our motto is simple:

Big Firm Capabilities, Small Firm Personality.


Bonadio provides their employees with endless opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. I am recently graduated from Leadership Buffalo, which was a huge time and money commitment, but Bonadio saw the value in providing me with this opportunity. Bonadio provides employees with summer hours (half day Fridays), staff appreciation days (bonus Fridays off in the summer), early leave before holidays and flexible work opportunities. I have worked part time since my son was born 6 years ago. During that time I was promoted twice and still encouraged to participate in outside activities, such as Leadership Buffalo. Our firm has its own internally developed leadership program, The Bonadio Leadership University. This is a 2 year commitment and worth every minute. Tom Bonadio and many of the managing partners and committees take time to participate in the program to develop the next generation of firm leaders. We have a culture club that puts together events for the employees to bond – such as paint ball on a Saturday in the fall, tubing on a Friday night during busy season, and of course happy hours. I could go on all day about the reasons I love my firm, but I wanted to give you a few.


A little about myself - I grew up outside of Pittsburgh and worked at KPMG in Pittsburgh for 3 years out of college. When I married a man from Buffalo, I thought it was time for a job change along with the move. Starting at The Bonadio Group 9 years ago was the best decision I have made professionally. For more information on Bonadio – please see our website, www.bonadio.com.