Speaker - Cheryl Lickfeld 09/19/2013


Being a business owner is great.  It's empowering to be your own boss.  It's also challenging and rewarding to know that success or failure rides on your shoulders.  Without question, the buck stops with you.

But for a lot of people, the bucks are the problem.  The financials are the one aspect of business that can be a real chore.  You went into business in the first place because you were passionate about something.  I am pretty confident it wasn't spreadsheets, ledgers or financial forecasts.

I provide outsourced CFO, controller and accounting services.  My goal is to help your business succeed by improving the quality of your financial and management information.  I'm a go-to resource for you.  Giving you a numbers expert and ally to help you win each of your financial battles, ensuring a healthy future for your business.

Every business deserves the benefits of an optimal CFO.  The bottom line is results.  And that's exactly what I'll get you.




Cheryl Lickfeld

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