Speaker - Mike Magnafici 8/22/13


Mike Magnafici of WBBZ gave a fantastic presentation explaining all the new and additions that are happening to the channel. Below is a summary of the information that he shared with us during the meeting.

“At our last meeting I thought it would be enjoyable to view a video highlighting some great things WBBZ-TV can and will offer in the future. WBBZ-TV has always been know for is quality classic programs such as MASH, Dick Van Dyke, Twilight Zone and Cheers, but what makes our station even more unique is our roster of local programs. Programs such as the Fred Jackson Show, All Sports WNY, America’s Car Show, Secrets From Beyond and of course, What’s the Buzz in WNY.

New to WBBZ-TV is ACC college football premiering on August 31st. Featuring competitive teams such as Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Clemson and Florida State. These games will be airing every Saturday at 3:30 for the entire college football season!

Further extending our sports foot print, WBBZ-TV will be your broadcast home for the primetime Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns game on Oct. 3rd! This will be our second year with the Bills Thursday night game and it promises to be even bigger and better than the last!

WBBZ-TV has a reach and frequency that connot be matched in the market. Offering affordable advertising packages that not only deliver results but form lasting and meaningful partnerships al throughout WNY!”

Mike Magnafici: Account Manager WBBZ

If you would like more information or have and questions contact Mike at (716) 929-9082 or visit the WBBZ Website at wbbz.tv.