Speaker - Brian Dickman 6/13


Brian spoke to us about the importance of targeting keywords in online searching for our business.

What keywords are people using to search that are related to our business? Does our business show up when these search's happen?

How do we show up for the keywords we want? These questions are becoming more and more important to how we capture business online. 

Case study: Airport Plaza Jewlers

In order to capture organic search traffic, they had to begin "labeling" their online work with very specific titles related to keywords people are searching. 

Ex- keyword search:"silver buyers, buffalo ny"  

At first, they didn't show up in the results that would get people to visit their website. They decided to create a video that discussed the different forms of silver. They labeled the video "silver buyers, Buffalo NY". By doing this the youtube video now lands on the 1st page in search results on Google for these keywords. By clicking on the video you're taken to that youtube page where then you can link directly to our website. 

This not only provides the website with additional traffic, but very specific traffic that is seeking the products and services they offer. They have also been able to extend their customer base outside of WNY. 

 Brian has been tracking keywords related to the business and is putting specific marketing effort into driving their online presence with this information. 

For additional questions on how your business could utilize this approach contact...

Brian Dickman 

Northeast Technical Consultants and Leg up Marketing

E-Mail: bddcontact@yahoo.com